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eBay Spend $100 or more and get a FREE surprise box! You can also WIN a box for FREE! See description for details!VIXX - [ EAU DE VIXX ] 3rd ALBUM (Version+PosterOption) *FreeCustomizeIncludes ALL. Sealed.FREE CUSTOMIZE Available:Includes ALL. Unsealed.[I will be opening a couple of albums, depends on how much I sell. Purchase a customized to get the choice of..]*Once you have purchased an album, message me or leave me a note to give me your choices. Please rank ALL members from the one you want the most to the one you want the least. Give a rank for the... For any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.**ALL ALBUM SALES WILL COUNT FOR GAON AND HANTEO CHARTS*S-Pop Box a.k.a. Surprise Box! [Begins March!]Every $10 spent will earn you a ticket! The more you spend the better chances of winning!To enter, go to Instagram and comment your ticket number on a designated post. The post will contain the Month and the words "S-Pop Box Ticket" most likely on the picture itself and more details will be written on the comment.Please comment the ticket number only once, as commenting it multiple times does not give you more chances of winning. If you have multiple tickets, you can either comment it all at once or comment it separately. The SAME ticket number CAN NOT be entered twice. Entering the ticket number ONLY confirms your entry. If you do not comment your number, your ticket will not be included for drawing.Since not all packages arrive at the same time and some may take longer to arrive, you can enter your ticket on the month that you receive your package, even if you placed your order the month before. The validity of your ticket is limited. All the tickets from the month before will be disregarded at the end of the following month. (ex. all orders made in March will have their ticket disregarded on the last day of April)Each ticket cycle begins in the beginning of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Drawing will take place on the first day of the month. All the other tickets that were not picked will be disregarded and will not be part of the next month's draw. Drawing may be filmed and posted on Instagram via "stories". The winning ticket will be posted once again the following day.Winners will ONLY be able to claim their prize by either messaging me with the photo of your ticket, or posting it on your Instagram and tagging "CakePop7" to the post. Messaging the account with the numbers or sending a picture of the numbers being handwritten WILL NOT be accepted. ONLY A PICTURE OF THE OFFICIAL TICKET ITSELF WILL BE ACCEPTED, therefore DO NOT LOSE THE TICKET. Winners will have a 3-DAY DEADLINE. If the winner does not get in contact with me in any way in the span of 3 days, a new winner will be drawn until someone claims the prize.The Surprise Box will contain both OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL goods/merchandise. The prizes will be chosen randomly into how many items can fit in the box. The box will be 6 x 4 x 2. It can get bigger over time.Note: You are not obligated to follow the account, but there's a chance you might miss details about any changes or updates. *If you are interested in purchasing a S-Pop Box, please contact me first before making your purchase*

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