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eBay  Introducing Luna Glass Crock Weights!  Stone Creek Trading developed these lead-free glass weights as an alternative to the traditional porous ceramic weights which are sold with most fermenting crocks.  With traditional ceramic porous weights, the unglazed surface can absorb bacteria present in your ferment.  When something goes wrong in the fermentation process, the bad bacteria or mold can be absorbed into the porous stones.  We've heard from many customers who have then had the ceramic stones transfer those bad bacteria or mold to future batches as well.  We've tried washing, boiling and setting them out in the sun, but it can be very difficult to sanitize the porous ceramic stones. As an alternative, glass is non porous and will not absorb anything!  This means you never have to worry about transferring anything between batches - bad bacteria, mold or smells and flavors.  We searched high and low for an alternative to the ceramic weights, and when we couldn't find a manufacturer who makes  a non-porous crock weight, we decided to design our own!  The Luna Glass Crock Weights are a Stone Creek Trading exclusive item and protected by Design Patent 812,426.  Other patents pending. In addition to being non-porous, the Luna Glass Crock Weights are 15% heavier than the traditional porous ceramic weights.  The added weight helps keep your ferment submerged where you want it! The 5.5" diameter are great for smaller crocks and other fermenting vessels.  These glass weights are individually handmade, which may result in a small variation in size.  It is our recommendation that the interior diameter of your vessel should be at least 1/2" larger than the diameter of the weight. If you've bought a crock from us in the past or somewhere else, these stones are a great way to upgrade your fermenting set up.  No more worrying about using the same stones in different recipes or how to clean them!        Dimensions:    5.5" diameter, approx. 3/4" thick, 2 stones included as pictured         Material:    Unleaded Glass         Country of Origin:    PolandCondition - New in original packaging from the factory. This is a hand crafted product, and slight variation in finish and minor imperfections are inherent to the production process. Inventory - If you see a listing here, we have the product in stock and ready to be shipped.Shipping - Item will be shipped within 1-2 business days of receiving your payment. Please contact us if you are located outside of the lower 48 USA states, as higher shipping rates may apply.Payment - We accept PayPal.Communication - Please email us with any questions or concerns. Give us the opportunity to resolve any issues directly with you before you leave negative feedback.Returns - We personally inspect all items before shipping to make sure they are free of manufacturing defects. If there is damage to the product due to shipping, please keep all you package in addition to the products. Email to get the claim process started as soon as possible. We cannot accept returns on used merchandise.

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